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So do we! Herizon Music envisions a music industry where any woman can make a living based on merit, no matter her age, appearance, familial status or orientation. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our mission is to uplift the next gen of womxn in music through education, experience, and role-modeling programs.


You may be surprised to learn that gender disparity in the modern music industry exists at a level that surpasses inequity in the technology and transportation sectors. While women make up 50% of listening audiences and concert attendees, we are sorely underrepresented on stage, on air, and behind the scenes. Here are just a few of the surprising statistics:

% of female GRAMMY nominees 2013-2018

% of female songwriters of 600 most popular songs

% of female sound engineers in the United States

% of female artists on Billboard’s Top 20 Country Airplay Chart, Dec 2018

Sept. 13th - 17th
"Little By Little"

Izzy Janes shares how Herizon Music education programs and partners have helped her cope with mental health issues, especially since COVID-19 hit. 

From Sept. 13th to 17th, GlobalGiving will match your gift by 50% up to $50 (if you give $100+, they match $50; if you give $40, they match $20). You get the idea 🙂


Calling All Female Indie Artists!

Are you out of work?

Do you have to stay at home to care for loved ones?

Would you like extra cash to pay the bills?

Random Acts of Music is our new service that connects indie female artists with virtual event hosts for paying gigs. Fill out the form and when a gig comes up that matches your profile, we will contact you directly with the event details and payment terms. If you choose to accept, we work with you and the event host to produce a successful experience for everyone!




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